Ver 2.0e

since Feb/16/2000

By Zong Yuan

BD10265_.GIF (308 バイト)Multimod al Presentation Markup Language: MPML
MPML (Multimodal Presenation Markup Language) is a language developed to enable the description of multimodal presentation based on charactor agents in easier way.

This page offers documents related to MPML as well as sources and tools.
Comments and ideas are very welcome.

MPML (ver. 2.0e) Specification

spec20e.txt (43k For Japanese Only at present) (last update Feb/16/2000)

Instruction for installing MPML Player ViewMpml

  1. Installation of Internet Explorer (later than version 4.0)
    This MPML Player calls Internet Explorer ActiveX Server, using ActiveX technolodge, when running. So Internet Explorer must be installed in advanced. And Internet Explorer conforms to ActiveX technolodge from Version 4.0, so you have to install later version for Internet Explorer than Version 4.0.
  2. Installation of Microsoft Agent and characters
    This MPML Player utilize Microsoft Agent to perform the Multimodal Presentation. So Microsoft Agent and the charaters must be installed in advanced. They can be downloaded from Microsoft Homepage.
  3. Download this Player
  4. extract
    The downloaded file is compressed into zip format. So you have to extract it. After it is extracted, You will find some directories as below:(supposed you extracted the file into C:\ViewMpml)
    c:\ViewMpml\Release\ViewMpml.exe excutive file
    c:\ViewMpml\Setting\ directory in which setting files are stored
    c:\ViewMpml\Temp\ directory in which temporal files are stored
  5. make the initial setting
    copy c:\ViewMpml\Setting\ViewMpml.ini c:\
    modify the file c:\ViewMpml.ini. the content for this file is as below:
    1: tagTypeFile =Tagtypes.set
    2: emotionMapFile =emotionMap.set
    3: previousImage =Previous.gif
    4: nextImage =Next.gif
    5: debugFrameFile =DebugFrame.html
    6: welcomePageFile =e:\ViewMpml\Setting\welcomepage.html
    7: settingDir =e:\ViewMpml\Setting\
    8: tempDir =e:\ViewMpml\Temp\
    9: workingDir =working\

    change the 6,7,8 lines according to your envirement, then save this file. So that, ViewMpml.exe should run well.

 Sample for MPML Script
it is compressed into zip format. Extract it and run ViewMpml.exe, click the OPEN button then choose the .mpl file.
it is compressed into zip format. Extract it and run ViewMpml.exe, click the OPEN button then choose the .mpl file.

 Sample movie file for presentation written by MPML(only the 15 seconds at the beginning of the presentation)

This is an movie file in mpeg format. You may watch it using Media Player or familar applications.

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