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*** Ishizuka Lab. was closed. (2013.3) ***

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Address & Contact (Ishizuka Lab.)

Research Topics (2011)

Multimodal Anthropomorphic (Lifelike) Agent and Multimodal Content Description Language
As a promising new style of human interface beyond currently dominating GUI (Graphical User Interface), we are working on a research & development of a multimodal anthropomorphic interface agent called VSA (Visual Software Agent), which has a realistic moving face, a vision function, speech communication capability and an access function to inoformation sources in the Internet. The VSA, which is technically realized by integrating several technologies such as realtime image synthesis/recognition, speech recognition/synthesis, dialogue management, access technologies to the Internet and WWW (World Wide Web), etc., enables a friendly multimodal human interface environment close to daily face-to-face dialogue. We have constructed an experimental guidance system with this VSA system and multimedia presentation. An important technology that has made VSA very practical is connections with WWW browsers (initially Mosaic, then Netscape). With this connection, we can access vast WWW information sources through speech dialogues with our VSA as well as mouse operations.
Since 1998, not only as an interface but also as an attractive multimodal content creation tool, we are developing MPML (multimodal presentation markup language) and its related systems using animated character agents.

Internet / Web Intelligence
With the progress of the Internet and multimedia technologies, our information space is becoming rich both in quantity and quality. Although stimuli or inputs from rich information sources are indispensable for activating our human brains, it become to impose unnecessary loads for extracting useful information if the information space is disordered with heterogeneous necessary and unnecessary information. This study aims at constructing an information mediation space or mediation mechanism which allows to provide useful reorganized information in a friendly manner. We have so far developed a navigation agent mechanism for hyper-linked WWW space. Researches such as an automatic meaning recognition scheme for hyper links in the WWW, a reorganization scheme of the WWW information space, and a software robot for finding meaningful changes in the WWW are now going on.
Recently, we are also intensively working on text processing for making the WWW intelligent, such as on keyword extraction, text summarization, question answering, etc. Some original and useful techniques have been invented to date, and are emerging.

Artificial Intelligence Mechanisms
Toward advanced artificial intelligence functions beyond currently available deductive inference, we have carried out basic researches to enhance knowledge-base capability in terms of handling incomplete knowledge with inconsistency. In particular, we have worked on hypothetical reasoning or abduction, and invented an efficient inference method which can find a near-optimal solution in a low-order polynomial time. This method called networked bubble propagation (NBP) method is now available as a free software. We are also working on efficient methods for weighted constraint satisfaction problems (weighted CSP).

Evolutionary Computation, Genetic Programming
Please see Iba-lab. page for this research topic.

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Ishizuka Lab. was closed. (2013.3)

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