Ver 1.0

Since Dec. 21, 1998; Produced by Takayuki Tsutsui ; Modified by Yaun Zong, Mitsuru Ishizuka

Multimodal Presentation Markup Language: MPML
MPML (Multimodal Presenation Markup Language) is a language developed to enable the description of multimodal presentation based on charactor agents in easier way.

This page offers documents related to MPML as well as sources and tools.
Comments and ideas are very welcome.

What's NEW
Jan 21, 1999: MPML ver. 1.0 officially released
Feb 10, 1999: Upgraded to MPML ver 1.03
Feb 14, 1999: MPML Converter: MPML2MSAScript released

MPML (Ver. 1.03) specification
orangeball.gif Source (spec103.txt) (last update Feb 10, 1999)
orangeball.gif DTD (MPML10.dtd) (last update Feb 4, 1999)
orangeball.gif Changes to previous version

MPML Converter
orangeball.gif Specification
orangeball.gif Download(MPML2MSAScript.gz : 9KB) | Download(MPML2MSAScript : 35KB)

Sample scripts for MPML
orangeball.gif Sample001.mpml source
orangeball.gif Sample002.mpml source
orangeball.gif Sample003.mpml source

MPML Publications

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