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Multimodal Presentation Markup Language: MPML
MPML (Multimodal Presenation Markup Language) is an XML-based language developed to enable the description of multimodal presentation using charactor agents in easier way.

This page offers documents related to MPML as well as sources and tools.
Comments and ideas are very welcome.

Jan/1999: MPML Ver. 1.0 officially released.
Feb/1999: MPML Ver. 1.03 upgraded version released.
Feb/1999: MPML Converter "MPML2MSAScript" released
Feb/2000: MPML Ver. 2.0e officially released
Feb/2000: MPML Player "ViewMpml" released
Jul/2001: MPML Ver 2.0a (implementing XSL) officially released
Jan/2002: MPML Ver. 2.2a (capable of working with Flas movie) officially released.
March/2002: MPML-VR (MPML-Virtual Reality) released.
June/2002: DWML (Dynamic Web Markup Language, a derivative of MPML) added to this page.
Dec/2002: MPML Ver. 3.0 released.
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MPML - Virtual Reality (3D VRML space)


(Sorry, CLOSED)
Dynamic Web Markup Language, a derivative of MPML.

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    [ Springer's Online Catalog] [ Online materials for book chapters at the VHML site]

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For further publications related to affective and social functions, such as emotion, personality, and social filtering, attached to MPML, please visit the Web page of Dr. Helmut Prendinger.

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